The planning system is central to not only the use and development
of land, but also the processes of environmental, social and
governance….. a consequence,

the planning process is exposed to a vast range of legislative, policy and external considerations and is scrutinised by a wide number of interested parties. Its critical that any planning strategy is fully informed and robustly managed.


We possess a detailed understanding of the economic, environmental and social issues influencing the planning process. Policy can be interpreted in many ways, legislation frequently changes; whilst a wide range of stakeholders can have a significant influence on the decision-making process and of course, every site possesses different characteristics.


Our business philosophy to the delivery of planning consultancy combines a balance of technical and vocational skills. Knowledge and understanding of policy and processes are supported by relevant project specific research and intelligence gathering. Techinical skills are combined with the ability to anticipate and review issues and predict potential responses; all supported by strong communication and advocacy skills.


With 25 years of experience across a range of commercial property design and planning environments, we are able to advise property investors, landowners, occupiers, developers, house builders, professionals and designers in relation to a range of issues, including; development, asset managment, change of use, policy formulation / review, stakeholder engagement and appeals/public enquiries.