Strictly speaking, we have no set service lines, but our clients have
needs and issues that they face and objectives they wish to
achieve - these serve to define our products.

Unique Project Briefs

By gaining a clear understanding of our clients, the issues that they face and their ultimate objectives; we define a unique brief for each and every instruction.

To this we apply our knowledge and expertise as relevant to the circumstances of the case. Where additional skills are required, we advise on the most appropriate appointments. Each client instruction is approached in a manner specific to both the client and project.

Core service areas that we offer, which are detailed in the attached brochure, include:

Asset / Portfolio Management

Acquisition, disposal, brand roll out, changes of use, development plan monitoring.

Risk Assessment

Client strategy and decision making support, site appraisals and risk assesment. Third party scheme review.

Policy Formulation

Monitoring and input to development plans, site promotion, evidence assessment.

Planning Applications & Process Management

Submission strategy, professional team and process management, stakeholder engagement.

Appeals / Expert Witness

Submission of appeals and evidence, instruction of counsel.

Specialist Services

CPO, EIP screening / scoping.

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